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Wednesday 24 January 2018

Village Life!

    “How do you find the tea?”
    “Very nice. Indian or china?”
    “What’s on the agenda for today?”
    “The Committee for agriculture is sitting to discuss whether or not the Lion stamped on the imported eggs should be changed for that of a Penny Farthing.”
    “How do you mean?”
    “Well British eggs have the small stamp of a Lion on them to prove they are fresh, it’s a quality mark.”
    “So instead Village eggs should have a little penny farthing stamped on them?”
    “It seems a lot of fuss about nothing to me.”
    “I expect it’s important to some people.”
    “No rush then.”
    “What shall we have for breakfast?”
    “Bacon and eggs?”
    “Where does the bacon come from?”
    “That’s Danish.”
    “Oh good. Nice view this morning.”
    “It’s the same view every morning!”
    “Who do you think that is?”
    “Don’t know, he’s wearing a suit!”
    “Do you think he’s one of us?”
    “He’s not wearing a top hat!”
    “Number Two is with him, do you think he’s giving that man a tour of The Village?”
    “I bet he’s an Inspector!”
    “A Policeman, why should they send one of those here?”
    “A Government Inspector, to see if The Village is being run properly or not!”
    “He’s looking at us!”
    “And we’re sitting here drinking tea waiting for our breakfast!”
    “What time does the Committee sit?”
    “In about five minutes.”
    “Crikey we’ll be late if we don’t get our skates on!”
    “Damned Government Inspectors!”

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