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Tuesday 2 January 2018

Goodnight Children...........!

    He knew all the time! Just like that time in ‘A B and C,’ Number 6 knew all the time, he had been playing with Number 2. But of course during that episode there had been clues along the way, Number 14 for one, that phrase she used, “We all have to make mistakes, sometimes we have to.” And then the biggest clue of all, the hidden laboratory in the woods. I’ve never been sure whether or not Number 14 consciously led Number 6 to that laboratory, thereby giving the whole game away. But this time there doesn’t appear to be a clue as to what gave the game away, certainly there was no clue in ‘The Girl Who Was Death.’ So when and how, did Number 6 realize that in telling a blessed fairy tale to three children was in itself another of Number 2’s plots to try and get him to talk, to give something away? A more trivial question would be how did Number 6 become a child minder? And where are the parents, so to need a child minder in the first place? Oh well perhaps it doesn’t pay to examine episodes too closely, after all ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ is a piece of escapism, fun, to be enjoyed for its own sake. And yet the questions still remain!

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