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Thursday 18 January 2018

The Prisoner

    “So there you are!”
    “Well if I’m not I’m someplace else!”
    “Don’t be flippant Nine zero nine it doesn’t suit you.”
    “You’ve taken a bit of a liberty haven’t you?”
    “Hark at the pot calling the kettle black!”
    “All I did was..........”
    “It’s not against the law is it?”
    “If it wasn’t you wouldn’t be here.”
    “All I did was chuck up my job, if I can’t do that what can I do?”
    “Stay loyal, and don’t bite the hand that feeds!”
    “I like that!”
    “Well Number 1 didn’t like it!”
    “I was going away my overnight train ticket booked, I was going to visit my old granny on her hundredth birthday. The next thing I know I woke up in this place!”
    “In The Village.”
    “You can call it that.”
    “It’s what it is after all.”
    “Well you can keep it!”
    “I imagine we’ll be keeping you m’ dear fellow, so there’s no point in rebelling, you might as well settle down and accept the inevitable.”
    “That’s not my way.”
    “There’s no way out if that’s what you’re thinking, ask anyone.”
    “I’ll find a way.”
    “That’s what Number Six thought.”
    “Number Six?”
    “He’s Number Six, you are Nine zero nine, and I am Number Two.”
    “Yes, everyone has a number for official purposes.”
    “My name is........”
    “Yes I know your name.”
    “Well say it!”
    “If it will make you happy.......Jones, Jermaine Jones. As I was saying about Number Six, he kept trying to escape until he was too old. Fifty years he’s been here, can you imagine?”
    “Can I go now?”
    “Go, go where?”
    “No, and if you don’t behave yourself, I’ll hand you over to a doctor who will turn your mind inside out so that you won’t know what day of the week it is!”
    “What is today?”
    “Wednesday February the tenth. It’s always February the tenth, unless it’s a Thursday, then it’s Appreciation Day.”
    “Appreciation Day?”
    “Don’t worry about that, today is...........why did you resign?”
    “I don’t have to tell you that.”
    “No, but if you did.............”
    “Then you would expect me to tell you everything else!”
    “How perceptive of you, but now you are here, and this is just the beginning. From here on in it could all get very nasty, it’s up to you!”
    “You won’t hold me!”
    “I rather think we will. Would you like breakfast….?”

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