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Tuesday 30 January 2018


    Is this the General we hear mention of towards the end of the previous episode? Is this the General to which Number 2 eludes to when he’s speaking to Number 6 as they are driven to the waiting helicopter? It’s no wonder Number 2 says “Report to the General, that’s a new one!” Might it have been the General which came up with such elaborate plans with which to deal with Number 6? If so then it is it which is to blame for all the failures! Number 2 once thought Number 6 was going to sell out. That he wanted to know what he had to sell and to whom he was going to sell it. More than that, he said that the whole of Number 6’s life had been researched and computed, and it boiled down to three people, A B and C. I do not know what made Number 2 think that Number 6 was going to sell out. It must have been that the General lacked one piece of basic information about Number 6 that made it come to such an outlandish computation!
    The General must be destroyed, that was the Professor’s message, and the General was destroyed in very dramatic fashion, and the Professor gave his life trying to save it, and Number 12 in turn. Number 2 has never learned that any plan involving Number 6 ever succeeded, I would have thought the General could have told him that much! Having been given the basic facts first, but then any computer is only as good as its programming, and programmer!

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