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Saturday 6 January 2018

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    There are a number of questions about ‘the Prisoner’ which still remain unanswered, and no amount of speculation will ever adequately alter that. For example why did Number 6 ask to see the lease of his former house, and the logbook of his former car? Possibly because he was in a situation he was unsure about, and he was just trying to prove to himself that he once existed outside The Village, and to see his name. It’s like the way he described the damp behind the bureau which was made good about six months ago, and the taps on the shower having been put on the wrong way round. But that of course is no answer, it is merely speculation. So why the change in Estate Agents? I find I cannot even speculate over that question! So whose birthday is it on March 18? Now that’s an easier one, it was Patrick McGoohan’s, although some might say it was Number 6’s birthday, although in truth Number 6 is a fictional character, and not really existing has no birthday! And the meaning of ‘Pinta Man Is Strong? Well that’s an easy one, it’s just a milk dairy slogan, like ‘Drinka Pinta Milka Day.’ So what about the Colonel and Thorpe, and the Group Captain for that matter, were they in the pay of those behind The Village? It’s difficult to answer one way or the other, one can only speculate. And so it goes on throughout ‘the Prisoner,’ unanswerable questions which still vex us after 50 years. And that’s partly why the series has endured over the past 5 decades!

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