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Wednesday 10 January 2018

Caught On Camera

   Number 6 has just written a note to XO4 signing himself D6 using his ball point pen. The note he removed from the note pad, plus the next one, and the second because of the indentations left by the writing. If that had been me I would have removed the third sheet of paper. But then Number 6 wanted to make sure there was just enough indents on that fourth sheet so that Number 2 could make out the message, because he knew there was a fair chance that Number 2 would be watching. In turn he would send someone round to collect the next sheet of paper on the writing pad. Which of course proved to be the case. The question is, what did Number 6 then do with that message he wrote? Was there in fact an XO4 to give that message to? In all probability not, so it’s likely that Number 6 simply threw the message away. But Number 2 didn’t know that, so the real question is, what did he think Number 6 did with that message? He thought 6 had given it to XO4 surely, and if that was the case, why didn’t Number 2 try and trace XO4? If there had been someone called XO4 he or she had to be in The Village, because it was impossible to get a message out of The Village, even by pigeon, but even Number 6 realized that. It’s just a pity Number 2 didn’t!

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