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Monday 22 January 2018

Chimes of Big Ben

    This episode has my favourite Number 2, and it’s said that the reason why there are so many Number 2’s is so that Number 6 cannot strike up a relationship with just one single Number 2. Well to my mind Number 6 and Number 2 appear to be sharing something, if not a relationship then certainly there is a rapport between them. And didn’t Number 2 say in ‘Once Upon A Time’ that he was beginning to like Number 6, yes he did. And my how angry Number 6 is at the end at the death of Number 2! Mind you on the whole Number 2 isn’t around long enough for Number 6 to strike up a rapport with them, some last a week at most, one as little as three days, whilst others are gone almost as soon as they arrive. Well that’s how it appears, the reality of it is, their term in office takes place in the episodes we do not see, between the ones we are so familiar with!
    Poor old Number 6, he has a weakness for a damsel in distress, and that is a chink in his armour. He in his eagerness allows himself to be taken in by a woman, he doesn’t stop to ask himself some basic questions about Nadia. He goes to so much trouble to escape, and without showing one blister upon his hands after chopping down that tree, clearing it of all its branches, and then carving out the hull of the boat! He fails to escape, he’s been betrayed by those who he was pleased to call colleagues, so what is he to think? That it’s his own people who put Number 6 in The Village, that its run by British Military Intelligence. Or is it? If Fotheringay doesn’t get back to
London quick sharp some embarrassing questions could be asked, by whom? Both Fotheringay and the Colonel are working for The Village, are they former prisoners brought back for this assignment? And what is Fotheringay’s next assignment? He’s keen I’ll give him that, and the Colonel will give him further instructions when he returns to London, his instructions, where will they come from, the General?

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