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Wednesday 10 January 2018

Village Life!

    “Excuse me.”
    “Yes sir.”
    “Do you play requests?”
    “We can sir, what would you like us to play?”
    “Do you know the theme music to the Prisoner?”
    “The what sir?”
    “You know, da da dah, da da dah da da dah.”
    “Isn’t that the Farandole from the l’arlesienne suite, or is it Scheherazade?”
    “I’m sorry?”
    “Oh don’t be, the first four beats of the Scheherazade, share the first four beats of the ‘the Prisoner’ theme music, as does the theme music to the television series ‘Sharpe.”
    “You didn’t know? I thought most people knew that.”
    “Never mind, I’ve gone off the idea.”   
    “How about we play Tiger Jive by the Frank Ricotti All Stars?”
    “Wrong series, if I’d have wanted to go to A Bix Beiderbecke Convention I’d have gone to one!”
    “Funny fella, okay boys Tiger Jive a one two, a one two three four.......”

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