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Friday 26 January 2018

Free For All

    Whatever you do, do not damage the tissue, just enough therapy and drugs to carry him right through the election! Number 6 could never turn down such an opportunity to stand for election in the local council election, and they knew it. Otherwise how do you explain the sudden and miraculous appearance of the Vote for No.6 placard? And all those smaller placards held up by members of the electorate, all of them facing away from the camera so as not to see the candidate’s face too soon. Vote for Number 6, he’s for you, you’re for him, never let him go, let him be and he’ll be ever so comfortee! And if Number 6 hadn’t been up for standing for election, all that pre-planning would have been wasted. They were if anything, certain of their subject!
    Number 6 won the vote, a unanimous decision, even Number 2 voted for him. But it was to be a short lived victory, in fact Number 6 and the new Number 2 held one of the shortest terms in office. The same could also be said about the even newer Number 2, the former Number 58. But her term in office had only just begun at the end of ‘Free for All,’ it is such a pity we are not privy to that, I should hate to think what she had in mind for Number 6!

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