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Friday 26 January 2018

Generals And That Kind of Thing!

    There are three types of General in ‘the Prisoner.’ The General who’s army is doubtful even though he wears a British General’s Army cap. Then there’s the General to whom reporting to seems to be ridiculous, “Report to The General? That’s a new one!” said Number 2. The General, perhaps the head of a department within British Intelligence, such a general Carteret in the ‘Danger Man’ episode ‘The Black Book.’ Then there’s the General, a super computer which is used in the educational experiment, but which at the same time could be the same General Number 2 mentioned in ‘The Schizoid Man,’ hence the reason for him saying to Number 6, “Report to The General? That’s a new one!” The General being a computer isn’t something an agent would be likely to report to personally if at all!

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