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Monday 8 January 2018


    In the case of Dutton he was expendable, not at all important, unlike Number 6, and I’m not so sure there is anyone else in The Village quite like him. There are those like Number 2 {Chimes} who were brought to The Village, but who resisted for so short a time and ended up working for The Village, as with two Colonels and Fotheringay. And then there are people like the little old lady Number 38. She might have worked the best part of her life in The Village, remember The Village has been going for a very long time. So they couldn’t allow her to leave. So she like so many others who have spent their lives working in The Village, are looked after, and retired into the Old People’s Home.
   There are two kinds of people in The Village, those who talk and those who do not talk. If you give them what they want then you are allowed to leave The Village, but by that time you’ve been turned, and end up working for The Village, sometimes to be brought back to carry out work, as Number 2 {Chimes} as well as two the Colonel’s and Fothergay, not forgetting Curtis of cause, who had been seconded back to them!
    Regarding the termination order, Dutton wasn’t at all important, he hadn’t access to the vital information, and besides he’d told them all he knew. But surely if they could have turned the likes of Cobb, along with two Colonels and Fotheringay in order to work for The Village, I would have expected they could have turned Dutton. Unless of course he wasn’t important enough, and simply had to be disposed of!

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