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Thursday 18 January 2018

Actor Peter Wyngarde

  As I posted earlier this morning, actor Peter Wyngarde of stage, film, and television passed away in a London hospital. Having appeared in ‘the Prisoner’ as Number 2 in ‘Checkmate’ his character comes over as one of the most competent administrators of The Village, and always happy to allow others to get their hands dirty! Peter will be most fondly remembered for his role as Jason King in the television series ‘Department S’ and ‘Jason King,’ a best selling novelist turned sleuth with the Mexican moustache, the turned up shirt cuffs, and with a cigarette always close at hand.

  For myself I shall always remember Peter in his role of gossip columnist and shameless informant for tabloid newspapers and magazines of the time, Langdale Pike in the Sherlock Holmes episode ‘The Three Gables.’ Pike is a similar character to Holmes, a somewhat isolated character. A favourite film starring Peter is the 1960’s film ‘The Siege of Sydney Street in which he played Peter Piatkow, a.k.a. “Peter the Painter.”

Peter will always be fondly remembered by friends and fans.
Rest In Peace

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