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Sunday 14 January 2018

Village Life!

    “There’s something different today!”
    “Different, how can something be different, we walk this way everyday to the Town Hall.”
    “Haven’t you noticed it?”
    “Noticed what?”
    “There is a distinct lack of colour in The Village this morning!”
    “Oh that!”
    “How do you account for this strange phenomenon?”
    “If I’ve learned anything while I’ve been in this Village, it’s never to wonder about anything.”
    “It’s not one of Number Two’s crazy schemes is it?”
    “No, it’s far simpler than that.”
    “Has it anything to do with Number Six?”
    “Just for a change it hasn’t, the answer’s pretty simple really.”
    “Do tell.”
    “We’ll be late for the meeting.”
    “What you mean the vote about whether or not to build a new concert hall?”
   “It’s not cut and dried yet.”
   “You mean it’s not black and white, which reminds me.....”
   “Well you see we might be filmed in colour, but there are no colour television sets yet, so we appear in black and white!”
    “You mean we see the colour, but those who are observing us via surveillance only see us in black and white?”
    “That’s about the size of it.”
    “But I can see in black and white, that’s because someone is watching in black and white, the colour is taken away!”
    “When will we see in colour again?”
    “I suppose not until people have colour television sets.”
    “Oh, I wonder what Number Two will say about this?”
    “There’ll probably be a board meeting or committee meeting about it.”
    “And what will that achieve?”
    “You mean like the time it was decided The Village should go green.”
    “Yes and the committee couldn’t decide on the shade!”

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