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Thursday 18 January 2018

Quote For The Day

    “Many happy returns.”
                             {Number 2 – Many Happy Returns}
That was a surprise Mrs. Butterworth turning out to be Number 2, didn’t see that one coming fifty years ago! But has she been Number 2 all along, or is she the new Number 2? Either way she has been doubling as an agent working for The Village administration, or those masters, in London
    But it was nice to see her keep the promise to Peter Smith Number 6, by baking a cake for him as long as he promised to come back. Well he came back, and Mrs Butterworth didn’t stipulate where to come back. We as the television viewer may have assumed she was talking about
No.1 Buckingham Place, when in fact she meant The Village. But then Number 6 wasn’t to know that either!
    Birthday cake my foot, there were only six candles on it, and when Mrs. Butterworth came in and presented the cake with the words “Many Happy returns,” not “of the day” meaning birthday, but to The Village! But what’s really astonishing is how Number 6 took it all in his stride! All that time and effort for what, to end up back in The Village where he started! Rather like the local taxi service, they’ll take you as far as you like, just as long as you arrive back there in the end! And there’s the aspect of having taught Number 6 a lesson, that he may manage to escape The Village one day, but he’ll always arrive back there in the end! But there’s something more to ‘Many Happy Returns’ than that, the episode is rather like the whole ‘Prisoner’ series, its cyclical, it begins where it The Village! What’s more Number 6 could be seen as a new arrival in The Village, that would account for the fact he claims to be new in The Village in the next episode ‘Dance of The Dead,’ because he only arrived in The Village in the previous episode! Yes, well it’s stretching a point I know, because if ‘Dance of The Dead’ was placed second in the series as originally intended and not eighth, I wouldn’t be able to write what I did, and for Number 6 to have said it then would have made better sense, but there it is.

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