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Thursday 4 January 2018

Village Life!

    “Ah at last, where have you been?”
    “I got here as quickly as I could sir.”
    “Well it wasn’t quick enough, was it?”
    “Apparently not, but I’m here now, so what can I do for you.”
    “I want these papers checked.”
    “What are they?”
    “Number Six’s letter of resignation!”
    “He doesn’t seem to have had much to say for himself.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “Well there’s nothing written on them.”
    “I can see that, that’s why I want them checked.”
    “For what sir?”
    “For whatever’s written on them, words would be my choice!”
    “But they’re…….”
    “Don’t argue with me, I tell you there is. Try the lemon juice test!”
    “Lemon juice test?”
    “Do I have to tell you your job……I can see that I do……hold the papers over the flame of a Bunsen burner or something, and see what comes through.”
    “Why should Number Six write his resignation letter in lemon juice?”
    “You’re arguing with me again. Try everything, x-rays, infra-red, density, and the fumes test.”
    “What are you looking at?”
    “Well get on with it!”
    “Yes sir.”
{Some time later after a good deal of pacing his office floor, the pair of steel doors slide open}
    “Ah at last, there you are. Well what are the results of the tests?”
    “Its bad news I’m afraid sir.”
    “Well tell me.”
    “You were right about the lemon juice sir. We held the papers over a naked flame of a Bunsen burner as you instructed……………”
 “…………….The papers caught fire, and were almost completely burned up.”
    “What........they can’t be?!”
 “We did manage to save this scrap of paper.”
    {The technician hands Number 2 the scrap of paper}
    “I resigned because for a very long time…… that it?”
    “Sorry sir.”
    “Sorry he says, oh get out, get out!”

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