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Sunday 28 January 2018

Schizoid Man

    The atmosphere here is very different to what it was elsewhere. That’s certainly not the password, and as far as the two guardians were concerned, neither was Gemini! A good deal of ‘the Prisoner’ contains twins, but then Curtis isn’t exactly a twin for Number 6, although he does bear a remarkable resemblance, and only needed to be amended slightly. The shaving off of the moustache, the change in hair colour, the rest Curtis would have to learn, presumably by watching Number 6 on hours and hours of surveillance footage, so that he could become Number 6. And in a way he’s better than Number 6, because he seems to feel very much at home in The Village. He’s happy, like the way he comes whistling into his cottage, he’s even taken to wearing his number, as well as a change of blazer. In early American Western films, it was the bad guy who wore a black hat, and the good guy a white hat. Wearing different coloured blazers, does that make Number 6 the baddie, and Number 6-Curtis the goodie? Symbolically its good versus evil, just how it is in ‘Fall Out,’ and in both case Number 6 manages to vanquish the evil doer!

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