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Tuesday 16 January 2018

Falling Out!

    Number 48 was allowed to plead his case before the assembly, and we discover that he had been with them, but at some point he went and gone!
    The “late” Number 2 was allowed to formally address the Assembly, he stated his case quite eloquently. And then it was Number 6’s turn to address the Assembly, to make a speech that could only be his own, but for them. Almost 50 years ago when as a boy of 12, I watched Number 6 take the rostrum and I thought I was about to hear something profound, that I should hear at least some sort of explanation. Because as I understood it ‘Fall Out’ was supposed to have the answers to all those questions I had gathered together over the 16 previous weeks. Only then ‘Fall Out’ left me more confused than ever. There were no answers, but there was action and adventure. The evil Number 1 thwarted and his lair The Village evacuated, and left abandoned. But it didn’t end, there was no escape, no answers forthcoming for Number 6, it was most unsatisfactory. And there it was gone, it would be another 8 years before I would be able to see ‘the Prisoner’ again, and of course ‘Fall Out.’
    Do I like ‘Fall Out’ today? Well it’s never been one of my top five favourite episodes, but I can see it’s the only logical ending to ‘The Prisoner.’ Not only that, fictionally I can see that it’s possibly the episode where it all began, as a falling out amongst friends. Because ‘Fall Out’ fits as well at the beginning of the series as it does at the end.

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