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Thursday 4 January 2018

Quote For The Day

    “I am Number Six....Six....Six....Six”
                                      {Number 6 – The Schizoid Man}
Of course you are, you’ve got Number 6’s thumbprint, and even a mole on your left wrist to help prove your identity. Unfortunately the trouble is, you are wearing the wrong coloured blazer. More than that you’re wearing a badge, Number 6 never wears his badge. Your attitude is also wrong, you’re too happy, contented in yourself. And since when was Number 6 last heard whistling? And there’s one thing you definitely do not have, and that’s a bruised fingernail on the first finger of your left hand! Number 6 my foot. Mind you, seeing as they have Number 6 in The Village, they could send you back there to London in order to take his place, and infiltrate British Intelligence!

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