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Friday 26 January 2018

Caught On Camera!

    Number 6 has just purchased a copy of The Tally Ho, the price is 2 Work Units. Now he’s contemplating the records which must be like the Cuckoo clocks, a special import. Number 6 chose Bizet’s l’arlesienne conducted by Davier, and takes all six copies of the record to the record booth and listens the first few seconds of two of the records, and not all six. I expect he became bored after the first two! Certainly the new shopkeeper has made improvements to the General Stores, bringing in special imports, and the addition of a record booth. But why, in the cashless society of The Village is a vintage cash register {wooden box on the counter} dating back to the 1930’s required? Perhaps its there simply for decoration, to help give the General Store a certain ambiance of yesteryear.

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