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Tuesday 30 January 2018

Specially Delivery!

    Number 6’s costume arrived while he was out, specially delivered for the occasion of Carnival. And yet this is contradictory, because Number 6’s suit can be seen hanging up in his wardrobe in ‘The General.’ Unless of course ‘The General’ is supposed to appear after ‘Dance of The Dead’ in the screening order, which originally it would have been. Number 6 doesn’t get a choice, because other people choose, it’s a game apparently. So it’s likely that Number 2 chose Number 6’s own suit as his costume. This because he’s still himself, well lucky him! So that being the case I’m surprised Number 6 didn’t change into his suit as soon as the maid had left, to get himself out of that Village costume! The black polo shirt didn’t come with the suit, a white shirt and black bow tie instead, which no doubt were taken from one of the two suitcases brought to The Village with him. Suitcases held in storage somewhere.

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