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Friday 12 January 2018

You Won’t Get It!

    They wanted information, information, information and all the Prisoner told them was the time of his birth, but then they knew that anyway, and I guess the Prisoner knew that they knew, so where was the harm in giving that piece of information away? They wanted to know why the Prisoner resigned, but he wouldn’t tell them, not that he was obliged to tell them. The trouble is, a man in his position, if he told them the reason behind his resignation, then what else might he tell them? But perhaps the only reason as to why they wanted to know was to be able to make up his personal file, they do like to know everything. Or perhaps the Prisoner had gone wrong! It might be that the Prisoner had been working as an agent for The Village in the outside world. But hadn’t taken to the work and wanted out, there being only one credible way, to resign. But working for The Village makes one a lifer, it’s not permitted to resign, and so as one of their agents does decide to take such action, they would quite naturally want to know why? The fact that when the Prisoner first wakes up in what he thinks is his own home, but is in The Village, and he doesn’t know where he is, does pose a problem. And yet ‘the Prisoner’ is a vicious circle, the end being the beginning, makes the fact he doesn’t know where he is on the day of his arrival unimportant. Because what does the Prisoner do after ‘Fall Out, a falling out amongst friends and colleagues, which is a kind of resignation in itself. He goes to hand in his letter of resignation, which he must have written in the cage on the journey home, to those masters in London!

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