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Sunday 14 January 2018

There’s Just One Thing I Don’t Understand

    If Mister X is told to use a standard disguise by the Chief, what kind of disguise is it that makes a man stand out from the crowd? Perhaps dressed as Mister X, that makes him an eccentric, and no-one takes any notice of eccentrics. And yet it was in the 1960’s when everything was “way out,” or should that be “far out?” It was a time when it was fashionable for trendy young things to go about wearing army tunics from the Napoleonic wars for example. Number 48 wore such a tunic, he also wore Mister X’s frilly shirt. I have such a shirt myself, handmade, and I’ve worn it about town. But it’s the second of such shirts that I’ve owned, the first was for a Prisoner convention for a re-enactment of the boxing scene from ‘The Girl Who Was Death.’ I also own a deerstalker which I also wear about town, but not as part of a disguise as Mister X, but with either a long coat, or tweed jacket. When I wore the deer stalker with a long coat once, I was approached by a little old lady who congratulated me upon my appearance, because I looked so like Sherlock Holmes. Not that I was trying to, it’s just that I have a collection of different hats that’s all. Plus three piped jackets, a couple of black polo shirts, the jacket from my ‘Arrival’ suit, and now Number 2’s scarf. I’ve only ever played the role of Number 2 once, that was for the part in a pop video. But then I don’t always associate that scarf worn by Number 2 with ‘the Prisoner,’ the self same coloured scarf was worn by “The Mole” in an episode of ‘Campion’ called ‘The Case of The Late Pig.’

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