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Sunday 14 January 2018

A Change of Mind

   In ‘Free For all’ we learn that The Village has a Town Council, Council being another word for Committee, and the leader of the Council is the Chairman Number 2. On the face of it, it appears that the Council or Committee members have no voice when Number 6 is afforded the opportunity to put questions to them. The only voice being that of the Chairman. Whether or not this Town Council actually administers The Village administration is unclear. Yes there is an administration of which Number 2 is the Chief administer, but he is answerable to Number 1. Whether or not Number 1 has absolute control or if he is answerable to a Committee or those “masters” we hear so much about is unknown. Chairman Mao Tse-Tung in his little red book wrote of the Party Committee system being an important Party Institution. There is a further Committee within The Village administration which fights disharmony within the society of The Village. And like the Town Council and its Chairman, only the Chairman, Number 18, of the Committee has a voice, while the rest of the members remain silent. Anyone with a disharmonious tendency is put up for further investigation, and should there be any further complaints against the individual he or she is pronounced as being unmutual!
   It would appear that despite there being a Town Council, and Committee for disharmonious unmutualism, it falls upon one person or individual, to monopolize and conduct affairs and decide upon important problems within The Village administration. And that does not take into consideration the Board of Education supposedly responsible for both Speed Learn and that of the Professor’s lectures. For as the Projectionist asked Number 2 if the latest lecture had been approved by the Board, Number 2 said “It will be.” Because the members of the Board of Education have no more say in how Speed Learn is administered than the members of the Town Council or of the Committee!

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