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Sunday 28 January 2018

Village Life!

    “The patient is here doctor.”
    “What’s wrong with him?”
    “I think he must have been in an accident of some kind.”
    “Is it an emergency?”
    “Must be doctor, they haven’t had time to change him into an operating gown!”
    “Can’t A and E deal with him?”
    “No, A and E is full to capacity.”
    “We’re not exactly idle ourselves. Oh he’ll have to wait, cancel the operation.”
    “Until when doctor?”
    “Well I’m expected at my club this afternoon. Tomorrow morning I’ve my private practice, then in the afternoon I’ve got a round of golf to get in. Better book him in again for a fortnight next Thursday.”
    “Can’t be done doctor, a fortnight next Thursday is a public holiday, its Appreciation Day.”
    “Well book him in for the Wednesday after.”
    “That would be Wednesday February tenth.”
    “Well according to the schedule the patient’s booked in for a makeover and four to six weeks of mind conditioning therapy.”
    “How’s the diary looking after that?”
    “The patient is being allowed to go on a nice little sea voyage, commencing on February twenty second.”
    “Well we’ll have to wait until he gets back won’t we!”
    “What shall we do with him now then?”
    “Take the patient home Eighty-six, make him comfortable and give him two aspirin.”

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