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Monday 8 January 2018

A Character Witness!

    Number 2 seems to have enjoyed the moment when she presented Number 6’s character witness, she had a wicked smile on her face, no, not wicked, mischievous! But what if Dutton had been in his right mind, what would he have been able to say, those things that Number 6 said needed to be said? And even if he was, would Dutton be keen to stand up and say them, to speak the truth? The fact that Dutton is brain-dead seems to be something of a contrivance, so that Dutton wouldn’t need to say the things that needed to be said! Because I cannot think what Dutton would have to say that would have made the slightest difference! Yes he could have told the truth, but there is no place for the truth in The Village!
   In history Jesters were renowned for telling the truth, especially at court, where only Jesters were able to criticize the King or Queen and live to tell the tale. The Jester is also known as The Fool, so perhaps dressing Dutton, even in his current state, in a Jester’s costume they were making a fool out of him!

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