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Monday 22 January 2018

The Therapy Zone

    We know the great list of achievements made by the retiring  Number 2, and judging by that list, he was entitled to that retirement, to be looked after in the Old People’s Home for as long as he lived. Well that’s my guess what happened when the helicopter returned him to The Village at the end of ‘It’s Your Funeral.’
   But what had The Village administration achieved with Number 6? Not forgetting what Number 2 once told Number 6 “We never fail.” And yet despite everything they put Number 6 through he was just as much himself at the end as he was at the beginning, in other words they failed, and they do not like failure in The Village. Perhaps they should have used some of those “extreme measures” they were not too keen on using against Number 6. Or perhaps too high a value had been placed on his head, too important say our masters, why he mustn’t be damaged, or broken, to end up with nothing more than a man of fragments! That there are other ways. Perhaps they should have employed some of those extreme measures they didn’t want to use on Number 6, but then they didn’t want to damage him permanently! What Number 2 achieved in question to Number 6, no matter what guise of person, how intricate or elaborate the plan, is absolutely nothing! Is that why it all had to begin again, or was ‘Fall Out’ just the beginning?

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