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Thursday 22 November 2012

20 Second Interview With Jim Caviezel.

    Were you a fan of the original 'the Prisoner?'
    "No. I'd never heard of it. I was on my way to do another movie but there was a problem with the financing. Then, bam, they told me to read the script and make a decision immediately. I got to London the next week and only then realised how big I was. I told Ian McKellen I was a bit nervous and he said "Get used to it darling."

    Has the remake upset any fans of the original?
    "It might have but it isn't really a remake. It's more a homage to the original. It's more relevant today."

   {The above extracts were sourced from a 60 second interview for the Metro newspaper, April 27th 2010}
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  1. Arthur Butterworth22 November 2012 at 11:40

    I think the charisma-free zone that is Mr. Caviezel is wrong to describe his awful remake as "more relevant today." While that may be true of the original the ... effort that he starred in was nothing more than an attempt to cash in on Patrick McGoohan's genius. The original had a vision behind it, the 21st century economy pack had nothing but dollar signs in its eyes.

    1. Hello Arthur,

      If I may call you Arthur. That is a fair enough comment, except that I'm not so sure it was an attempt to "cash in" on McGoohan's genius. If that was the case, then such a series would have been made decades ago. In fact McGoohan himself wrote a script for a Hollywood film of 'the Prisoner,' but Hollywoood producers threw it out!

      And I think at least some of THEPRIS6NER series is relevant today in regard to surveillance, and in regard to information as in the way Michael was compiling information on so many people, as people today gather information on all of us for all kind of reasons.

      Indeed McGoohan had a vision behind his original series, and the sme can be said of THEPRIS6NER, only with McGoohan it is more in your face, where is there is more subtlty with THEPRIS6NER which is a series of it's time, whereas McGoohan's series was ahead of it's time.

      What's more, Patrick McGoohan had been offered a cameo role in THEPRIS6NER, but he turned it down as he wanted to play the role of Two, which had already been cast to Ian McKellen. So I wonder how you, and other fans might have felt about THEPRIS6NER had McGoohan appeared in the series? Having said that, the old man-93 in the opening scene in 'Arrival' is the former Number 6, which was the cameo role intended for Patrick McGoohan!

      Be seeing you