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Monday 26 November 2012

Death And Destruction

It’s very dramatic I have to say, as the General blows several circuits. The Professor attempts to shut the General down, who earlier gave a warning about the General, stating that "The General must be destroyed!"
   As I understand it, it all kicked off after a question had been put to the General by Number Six, this to try and divert Number Two from his suspicions of Number Twelve. The General then began to over heat, the Professor did what he could as Number Two stood looking on in bewilderment. It was Number Twelve who was the first to act, an attempt to save the Professors life, who was being electrocuted by his creation.
  This is the point when both the Professor and Number Twelve are electrocuted to death. Number Twelve was a either very brave, or stupid man, I'm not sure which. Brave because he was attempting to save the Professors life, or stupid because he had become suspect of helping Number Six. So what you see could be interpreted as an act of suicide!
   The General desytroyed. The educational experiment of "Speedlearn," well this was probably the end of the experiment, along with this particular Number Two as he never gets a thrid term of office. As for the students, well they never mentioned Speedlearn ever again? It would probably be as though the experiment had never even taken place!

Photographs from the Department of Visual Records

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