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Thursday 15 November 2012

6 The Schizoid Men!

   As like two peas in a pod! One is a double agent we hear about these days, the other is the economy pack! Both claim to be No.6.
   Well I certainly look more like me than you do. I could say the same. The least you could have done is wear a black blazer! Oh that's rich coming from you, a man who wears a blazer that looks black in some lights and brown in others. At least my blazer remains the same colour no matter what light! Yes, cream! White old boy. That's how it appears on the television screen, but standing here looking at you, it's cream! And while we're about it, I don't wear a badge. Haven't done so not since the day after my arrival here. And since when did I go about the Village wearing a cream blazer with black piping? You fancied a change, and as a show of settling down, you decided to wear the badge. But not the gun! Sorry? I agreed to wear the badge but not the gun. We havent got that far yet, have we? No, silly of me. Do you know who Number 1 is? He's the boss. Yes, but do you know who he is? We both know, or at least we should. It's not you is it? It might be, I might be Number 1, out and about in the Village, impersonating you, getting some hands on experience you might say. But if we are Number 1....a collective Number 1.........then that makes us the alter ego of the other. Good and evil? If you like. But we both want to escape. I could escape, you could stay here and impersonate me. Wouldn't the the cream blazer would be a bit of a giveaway? We could swop blazers. that's a good idea, but what would the difference be? Well I would be you, and you would be me. In fact no difference! Well if you want to look at it that way, no difference whatsoever! If I help you to escape, how do I know you will come back for me? You know me as well as you know yourself. In other words I'm always out to help myself! You should also know that any plan to escape that involved you, never succeeded! Well you should know! Look, are we going to stand here arguing all day? How are we going to escape this? Well you could go and play somewhere else! Me! Oh that's very good. What about you? Oh I see, your the goodie Number 6 and I'm the baddie who is supposed to prove you wrong, is that it?. There's no supposed about it! Next thing you know, I'll be expected to go running off into the distance screaming who am I? I know who you are, you know who you are, and those who are watching know who you are! Look lets sort this out like gentlemen. That's rich coming from you! We could sort this out in the gymnasium, shooting and fencing. That puts me at a disadvantage. In what way? You're right handed, I'm left handed! What do you suggest? Kosho. What? Kosho. What's that when it's at home? Look it's quite simple really, allow me to explain on the way to the gymnasium..............The door of 6 Private closes with a familiar electric hum as the pair of 6's leave the cottage.


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