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Thursday 22 November 2012

The Therapy Zone

    "When the last episode was shown, people in Britain were so incensed, the Network's switchboard was blocked for hours. I had to go into hiding for two weeks, or I would have been killed. A lot of people didn't get what they expected. I'm not at all annoyed. I love people. They are entitled to their views. The Prisoner was a very time-consuming activity. I was doing about four jobs non-stop. When I'm not working I'm contemplating work. The best way I know of relaxing is working, when I care about something. The function of any art is to speak ahead of the times, to herald the warnings that are not obvious but which are there in the atmosphere."

                                 Patrick McGoohan
   "The Prisoner is not a real piece of espionage like Danger Man. It's an allegory. A fable. But I'm almost willing to bet you see the point in the final episode. You know, the series is not really so far-fetched. There are villages like this one, real ones. They send defectors there. This does go on - the brain-washing, the tests, the punishments. It's all there in The Prisoner. Each episode relates to events happening around us, even though it may be fantasy. There's a basis of reality throughout - if you can spot it. We're all being puppeted. We're all becoming numbers."

                                    Patrick McGoohan
    "I wanted to have controversy, arguments, fights, discussions, people in anger, waving fists in my face." {Comment: Well he got that right}
    "Has anyone the right to be an individual? I wanted to make people talk about the series. I wanted to make them ask questions, argue and think. More than anything I believe in the freedom of the individual. The loss of one's individuality is a nightmare. I thought there was a period in the 60's when youth were going to rebel and I thought it would have been good. But unfortunately they weren't organised and I think that's sad. Somebody needs to yell a warning. I hope I'm giving some kind of warning."

                                                   Patrick McGoohan

Fall Out
   It's strange how people see this series. I mean take the evacuation of The Village in ‘Fall Out.’ Citizens scattering in all directions, helicopter’s taking off, a revolution taking place in the cavern somewhere beneath The village. And finally, an escape as a rocket blasts off out of it's underground silo, and with it The Village is blown up!
   Hang on a minute! Show me in Fall Out where The Village is blown up! There is no destruction of The Village whatsoever. The Village doesn't suffer the slightest bit of damage from the rocket as it blasts off. Even the Green Dome remains intact, and un-scorched from the blistering heat and flames! Sometimes I think people have been watching a completely different series of ‘the Prisoner’ to the one I've been watching these past 45 years!

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