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Saturday 17 November 2012


   THEPRIS6NER came to the end of it's screening on ITV in 2010, and I wonder how any fan of the original series watched it, and stayed with it until the final episode of ‘Checkmate?’ Will they be like me, suffering withdrawal symptoms? Well they shouldn't, not if they have the DVD box set!
   "More Village" became Two's latest slogan, I can see fans of the original saying "Less of THEPRIS6NER!" I have heard from some fans of the original series who have taken to this series, who can see the value in it, that the series definitely has something, if not the sudden impact of the original. But fans were able to make up their minds about THEPRIS6NER after watching only thirty minutes of the first episode’ Arrival.’ While others have said they will not be buying the series DVD box set after watching only one episode! This surprises me, as it seems that the majority of fans have not given THEPRIS6NER a fair chance. It's a journey that you have to stay with, no matter how difficult the journey becomes, but many fans it seems were not prepared for the journey, not even prepared to give it a just trial...........pity, for it seems that Two got it wrong when he said that The Village is in all of us. Not everyone apparently. But bravo to those who did, and no doubt they'll be joining in with Two....."Breath in..................breath out.................., more Village."

    THEPRIS6NER, and so now you know what it's all about.......don't you, don't you? Because you should you know, you really should. The Village is all in the mind, especially that of Two's wife, whose mind is capable of anything. Michael was working for Summakor, the company behind the Village. Michael was working as an observer, watching people, writing reports on them, and sending those completed reports up to the next floor in the Summakor building. Then Michael found out what was happening, resigned his job, and then woke up somewhere in the desert at the beginning of ‘Arrival.’
    Two keeps his wife drugged and in an hallucinating state of mind, because without which the Village, and all it's population would then cease to exist. There is another place, and those who were brought to the Village can go back there, to live their other life. But not those who like 11-12 who were born in the Village cannot go to another place, because they are already there, having no previous existence, and having been brought to the Village! And those who have been brought to the Village, are there to be made better because they are broken, not physically, but mentally. And Michael, Curtis wanted to hand over the Village to him. The only question remaining, will Six, or rather the new Two and 313 find a better way to make a better Village?
   So there you are, basically in a nutshell, all you need to know to help you come to terms with THEPRIS6NER. All the rest you'll have to figure out in your own mind.

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