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Thursday 29 November 2012


    A disapproving Headmaster.

    2 "That is cowardice!"
    6 "That's honour, sir."
    2 "We don't talk about such things."
    6 "You should teach it, sir."
    2 "You're a fool!"
    6 "Yes sir. Not a rat."

    Rats run together! They race for position. Fools like in the Shakesperian tradition, are non-conformists, outlaws, outcasts. They are out of the common fun. The headmaster exists to train his charges into the ways expected of them. Hence the Headmaster in question, does not want to see his prize pupil grow up to be a "Lone-Wolf!"
   On the other hand, there is another form of "Rat," one who "rat's" on his mates, tells on them to the Headmaster for example. That is the kind of honour the Prisoner was talking about, the honour of not "ratting" on the boy who was speaking in class, the schoolmate who he took the punishment for.....12, not 6, of the best, so that he could remember!

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