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Wednesday 21 November 2012

The Therapy Zone

Nadia Rokovsky
   Once upon a time, the first time round, the viewer could have taken Nadia's story at face value, well at least until we learned the truth about her. Now we know different, and take now we take her story with a pinch of salt.
   However, for the moment let us take Nadia Rokovsky's story at face value. She told No.6 that she worked for the government, although she does not stipulate which government. That she saw a secret file on the village, but only for a few seconds, but knows the location of the Village.
   Nadia's greatest desire it would seem is to hear the chimes of Big Ben, although she says she is an Estonian! Estonia was at the time, behind the Iron Curtain. So if Nadia's story had been true, she would have become a defector, a political refugee, had she escaped with No.6 to London. Having escaped both the Village, and Communist oppression in Estonia!
Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling
   We know why the Village wanted Dr. Jacob Seltzman, to gain the reversal process which it is hoped that he has developed. Yet there is a theory that the Village wanted to keep Seltzman in the Village in order to retain him, and stop any other power obtaining a "Seltzman machine" of their own.
   But wait a minute, this theory doesn't hold any water. Because if we are to take this theory seriously, we have to ask one very important question - how did the Village administration obtain their "Seltzman machine?"

Dance Of The Dead
   Someone wrote "I believe No.6 wanted Dutton as a "character witness" to persuade the court that No.6 would not have killed the man on the beach."
   Well that's all fine and dandy, but No.6 wasn't on trial for murder, simply the possession of a radio set!

A Sense Of Humour
    Even in the bleak episode that is ‘The Schizoid Man’ as Number 6 fights to maintain his identity, there are moments of humour. For example when Number 6 meets his doppelganger for the first time "Are you one of those double agents we hear so much about?" And again "Where'd they get you? A people's copying service?"  And prior to visiting Number 12 after he has regained "himself" Number 6 asserts "I think it's time we paid ourselves a call."
   Number 6 has a ready wit, and a dry sense of humour, and as we know "Humour is the very essence of a democratic society."

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