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Monday 26 November 2012

The Therapy Zone

Active Resistance
   Since his arrival here in the village, No.6 has tried to escape, and has poked his nose in where it's not wanted more time than I care to remember. But he's not been alone you know, far from it. There are those Jammers, people who used to make up plots of escape, generally to make mischief in order to confuse the observers.
   Then there are those individuals who have worked against the village, and those who said they would, if they were given a second chance! Like No.12, and No.24, to name but two, and Monique-No.50 who worked with No.6 to put a stop to an assassination plot against No.2, makes three! And of course more citizens resist more than you might think, otherwise there would be no need for aversion therapy. There would be no unmutuals in the village, and therefore no need for "Instant Social Conversion!"
   Just because the village gives off an almost holiday resort atmosphere, doesn't mean that everyone is happy here. This is not Shangri-la, this is the Village!

   No.7's It Doesn't Really Mean Anything
    What is there to understand about the Prisoner? the Prisoner is a television series to be viewed, or more appropriately perhaps, experienced. But there is nothing more to it than what the viewer thinks or feels while watching it, and anything else is unnatural and contrived!

    Derren Nesbitt - No.2 Its Your Funeral "It is so illogical to have all these Number two's coming from somewhere and going nowhere, and so the audience had to try and make logical a totally illogical situation, and make it err logical for them. And that's some of the mystique."
   Bernard Williams - Production Manager on the Prisoner "It had to be different Number two's otherwise the show would have got boring. That was the worry of the finance guys, and the networks in the States was, it's very unusual to see a show where a guy fails at the end of each show. Because every show normally he wins, beats up all the baddies and everyone lives happily ever after. In the Prisoner series he never gets out. So that's a "downer." So if you have the same Number two all the way through, they're both "downers." You can't have two "downers," you can't have a guy who fails to brainwash him, and break him down. And neither can you have Patrick Getting out, so that would have been a killer."
   George Baker the new No.2 Arrival "Pat didn't want anybody to know why they changed, just another Number two appeared. And I think that part of it was the fear thing, putting everybody on edge."
    Bernard Williams - Production Manager "All the Number two's are very English. Maybe looking back we should have had some foreigners there, because it makes you think it's the British government all the time."

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