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Friday 16 November 2012

The Therapy Zone

A New Mission For the Prisoner!
    The other day I received an email from an old friend, who said something on the lines that the new series of the Prisoner should not be called ‘the Prisoner.’ Probably on the grounds that it's nothing like the original series. Well why should it not be called the Prisoner, just because No.6 is played by Jim Caviezel instead of Patrick McGoohan. After all there are many Prisoners in the village, and anyone could be No.6, one time it just so happened to have been Patrick McGoohan. If Edward Woodwood as Callan had been abducted to the village, would he not be the Prisoner? Or Michael Caine as Harry Plamer, he would have been a Prisoner if abducted to the Village. See the point I'm trying to make?
   After all, we are all Prisoners of one sort or another, and the Prisoner at the time!

The Road To Hell Is paved With Good Intentions
       With THEPRIS6NER being all in the mind, together with the fact that I live with the Prisoner every single day of my life, I wonder if I could make a better Village, a moral Village, to give freedom within the prison? I can certainly think of a few people who are in need to be "fixed!"
    We all, each and everyone of us carry our own Village inside our heads each and everyday. I'm pretty sure none of you would wish to live in my Village, no matter how good my intentions are to begin with. And I'm sure all I would want to do is escape yours, because no matter who you are, no two Villages would be the same, unless of course you're like me, married to a woman who shares my passion for THEPRIS6NER!

    "Truth is an essence. An essence does not change. It emanates. Any man or woman can have it inside them as a result of their own private war within themselves. It's not just the college they fight, not just society. They are fighting themselves. I think there are things that have to be private. One's right to privacy is such a delicate thing, and it is being damaged constantly nowadays."

Acceptance Of Things As They Are
    Many of the Village citizens have accepted the situation of their imprisonment, whilst others have been brought to the Village of their own free will. And that does not account for those born to the village, and therefore know nothing else.
   There are exceptions to any such rule, and they are No.6, No.48 a rebellious youth, No.12 who saw the Professor as a "crank," and carried out an act of sabotage in No.6's cottage. Also on the list are malcontents, Jammers, and Unmutuals. Life suddenly doesn't look so cosy in the village, does it?
    Yet there is both a good side to the Village as well as bad. Because the Village and its administration does look after you for as long as you live, and that reflects upon the welfare state in which we live. Although the welfare state does on occasion, struggle to look after all of our welfare needs. After all the hospital may be full of patients, but surely not all must be undergoing therapy, aversion therapy, leucotomies, and experimentation at the hands of No.40 and 22. Reason must determine that there are patients in the hospital who are there for what we are pleased to call "legitimate illnesses."
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