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Thursday 29 November 2012

The Professor's Lecture

 I know that many people who have made a study of the television series the Prisoner, all of whom have arrived at a multitude of ideas, theories, and interpretations. Some have also kicked the word "allegory" into touch. And that's fine, there's absolutely nothing wrong in that, but what would you make of someone who spends his or her time doing something like this
  Obviously this person is either a deep thinker, or has nothing more exciting in his or her life to be getting on with.
  I have no idea whose hand this is, but I have seen it's like before, so perhaps this is more a regular occurrence than I am lead to belief. At first I did think that that character Johnnie Prisoner might be behind it, after all he himself would admit that it's just the kind of thing he would do. So if you are the kind of person, a self-confessed addict to ‘the Prisoner,’ the kind of person who would write such prisoner based blog as this, then you must stop                                                
    Ah, alright, you've caught me out! So if I were to stop, what then? I'd be out of a job for a start, and you'd have nothing to read on a wet Sunday morning, but the Sunday papers!
   This item appeared in an issue of Number Six magazine in 1991, the author is unkown, because he or she did not put it to it!

The Professor

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