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Sunday 18 November 2012


    So Two knows the very secret of life...........breath in, breath out! Curtis and Helen volunteered for The Village because they wanted a family, and what a family it became. Two became a dark, bitter, and twisted man. 11-12 a two-time murderer, of 909 stabbing him in the neck, of matricide, and final suicide. And Helen was in an almost permanent state of sedation! It's no wonder Two only wanted to escape in the end. But of course to be able to escape Two required someone he could hand The Village over to, a new Two, and in this regard Two demonstrated his brilliant manipulation of both Six and 313. And thinking of 313, I didn't take to her other self at all. Because the abused in time, becomes the abuser! But Six saved 313, who saved Six by giving herself to him, and effectively together they saved The Village and all those people. But back in New York, how can one possibly convince someone that they are, like Michael, living a parallel life both in New York and The Village, as Michael tried to convince his driver 147.
   They threw everything they could at Six, loathing, love, death, yet he still resisted, and Six only gave in at the end only to save 313 from herself. Six did the right thing, because he's in love with his own humanity, and that's what gave him to Two. But whether or not the new Two can possibly make a better Village remains to be seen.
  All in all I can say without any doubt whatsoever, that I thoroughly enjoyed the reinterpretation of THEPRIS6NER, and at some point I'll be watching the series again. Two said that The Village is inside all of us, if that's the case I wouldn't mind a fortnight's leave there. When you look at the world at large, I find it difficult to understand why anyone would wish to leave The Village. Two had to escape because he realised that life there wasn't how it was planned to be, and I suppose that could be said of all of us. His son didn't turn out to be the son he wanted, and everyday must have been a torment for him, having to keep his wife sedated, only able to spend short periods of time with his wife in a conscious state of mind. Before having to sedate her again. So Two had Michael brought to The Village to replace him, and that was the intention all along. And towards the end it became a question of survival for both Six and 313 who wanted to save each other, at any price. And the price was each other, and the price paid was the Village!



  1. Good morning David,
    I found the series interesting though I truly was disappointed with the end. 6 is no better than 2 and will adapt to the village... Is there any enhancement perspective to see? Ideologically I don't see any HOPE in such ending.
    2 was a sick man, and so will be 6. Of course this is painful realistic, so the village is composed of resigning citizen. At the end what's the motivation to run and manipulate a herd of sheep who never question themselves?
    As far as I'm concerned it sounds more like a propaganda drive to encourage consumption and artificial happiness without reflection. And if the series is realized as an intentional warning I have a huge preference for the message of the visionary Prisoner 1967!
    Kind regards,

    1. Good morning Caroline,

      Your comment is fair enough. There might be no hope, but there is belief. Six thinks he can find a better way to build a better Village. At least Michael/Six wants to help people, whereas Curtis/Two and Helen/M2 went into the experiemnt of the Village because they wanted a child. The trouble being that M2 never knew her child 11-12, who turned out to be a murdering homosexual, even though he never really existed! As for Two, he wanted his wife back, hence his reason for escape, to hand the Village onto Six. And we must not forget 313 in all this. It was her choice that she take the role left by M2, to take the pills which sedated her, making her dream of the Village. This because 313 didn't want to leave the Village to go back to being Sarah, who as a child had been abused, left her mentally scared.
      Yes I take your point, and I understand your preference for the message of the original series. But do not forget, the Prisoner in the original series is just as much a prisoner at the end of the series as he was at the begining. And so it begins all over again at the end of 'Fall Out.'

      Kind regards
      Be seeing you