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Thursday 15 November 2012

Teabreak Teaser

   Can you name the citizens who do not wear a numbered badge in the Village?



  1. Dear David,
    I think they are two:
    Number Six most of the time
    The Butler

    1. Hello AliceLiddell,

      Thank you for your comment.
      That's very good, I've often wondered why it is that the Butler is permitted to go about not wearing his badge. Except when one looks closely at the episodes, one finds there are more citizens in the Village who do not wear their numbered badge.
      For example;
      The Doctor who gives No.6 his medical in 'Arrival.'
      The Reporter-No.113 in Free For All.'
      The photographer-No.113b in 'Free for All.'
      The Tally Ho dispenser {No.113c?} in 'Free For All.'
      The Professor and his wife in 'The General.'
      Number 48 in 'Fall Out,'
      This to name but a few, and I'm sure that other readers of my blog could find a few more.

      Very kind regards