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Wednesday 28 November 2012

A favourite Scene In The Prisoner

    No.6 "Be seeing you."
    Nadia "It sounds like a salute."
    "It is."
    During 'The Chimes of Big Ben,' when No.6 is stopped by Nadia when she asks him where the Green Dome is, and can he take her to it. "The Green Dome, across the square, across the street, up the steps you can't miss it. Nadia asks No.6 if you can get a car, but there are only taxis, local service only. Nadia asks where will they take you? Anywhere you like" No.6 informs her "just as long as you arrive back here in the end, that's why they're called local." Some citizens pass by, Nadia asked "Who are they, why are they here?" "Why are you?" No.6 responds, and escorts Nadia up the steps to the Green Dome.
"Who is Number 2?"
"Who is Number 1?"
"I've done nothing wrong. I've committed no crime."
"No use telling me."

Be seeing you

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