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Saturday 24 November 2012

The Therapy Zone

No.7's it Doesn't Really Mean Anything!
   the Prisoner or THEPRISONER, the difference is the same, because I'm still not in it!

The Bond Connection!
    James Bond film Gold Finger, as you know Mister Goldfinger had a mute Butler who went by the name of Oddjob. Now I have no idea if Oddjob was the first mute Butler to appear in literature, but I can tell you who the next one was, the supposed mute Butler and manservant to No.2!
   Now that is not the only other Bond Connection with the Prisoner. There is a scene in Thunderball in which James Bond uses a pole to secure Count Lippe in a steam-box, and that's just what the girl who was death does to Mister X at the Turkish baths! And finally there's Moonraker, the novel not the film, in which Drax is planning to destroy London by the use of a nuclear device and a German WWII V2 rocket, just as Schnipps was planning to do in the episode The Girl Who Was Death, in fact the central plot for this episode of the Prisoner seems to be lifted from the Moonraker novel! After all Schnipps is planning to destroy London by a missile, and originally Schnipps was to have been a German scientist, perhaps even Hitler himself!

   How would you define "Fall Out"? As fallout from a nuclear explosion perhaps. But that's one word, in the Prisoner the title of the episode "Fall Out" is two words, meaning it's all over and done with, and you can all go home now. But then again "Fall Out" means to fall out, to argue, a falling out, amongst themselves which as we witness in the episode. A Falling out which perhaps ultimately leads to the Prisoner's resignation.

No.7's It Doesn't Really Mean Anything
    I drifted along with the theories and opinions which have been banded about the Prisoner. But I now regard the series simply as a brilliant piece of television, on face value. To view the Prisoner in any other way is to hide behind words.

I Have Command - Obey Me And Be Free
   Just as No.6 predicted, and indeed as he told No.2 "Everyone votes for a dictator," and so it proved to be with the electorate. But as it turned out, it is No.6 who is the dictator, trying to force his freedom on all the citizens of the village. Had it never once occurred to him that many of the good citizens of that community did not want to be free, certainly not his kind of freedom forced upon them? After all what would they do with freedom in the outside world, what is the outside world to those who have never known it?
   No.6 is a persuasive character, but is not up to the manipulation of the citizens, nor does he have the administrative ability to follow through on his policies. Nor do I think that he can be trusted!

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