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Thursday 29 November 2012

The Therapy Zone

What Life No.1 Here In The Village?
    No.1 could hardly go about the village dressed like this could he? After all he'd stick out like a sore thumb, people would whisper "That's No.1" as he passes by, but even at that they would not know who No.1 is, as he hides behind his anonymity. Anonymity being the best form of disguise with very important people!
   But where exactly does No.1 live? Surely he cannot spend all his time in the control room of that rocket all the time?  And does he permanently wear that black and white mask, if he does, it must be difficult at meal times! And if he doesn't, then there must surely be those who have seen him without his mask, and know his identity. Unless of course No.1 only removed his robe and mask in the privacy of his own living quarters. After all No.2 may have his own residency in the village, but that is just an office, there are no living quarters in the Green Dome, save for the annexe round the back for the Butler. No.2's living quarters is somewhere beneath the Green Dome. After all No.2 in ‘A B & C’ rises up through the floor in his chair, still wearing his pyjamas. So it's possible that No.2's living quarters are next door to No.1!
    So would have it that No.1 is No.6, they being one and the same, not quite a doppelganger, or clone, but each the alter ego of the other. Is that how No.1 enjoys the fruits of the village, through his alter ego?

  No.2 told me that all they really wanted to know, was why I resigned. But of course it would not have stopped there. I never realised what a valuable property I'd become. the information inside my head being priceless. A man like me is worth a great deal on the open market. So why just go on about the reason behind my resignation I wonder? Why not just take what they want and be done with it? Perhaps they are protecting me, keeping the knowledge safe from others!

   Dennis Chinnery played the role of Gunther, one of the two gunrunners in the episode of Many Happy Returns. This is what he had to say regarding some "personal pain" during filming of a particular scene.
    "There was one sequence where Pat had to set fire to something. I had to come into the galley, as Gunther, and he caught me around the neck, and the idea was to strangle me and pull me along the corridor and put me in one of the cabins, which he did. On the first take the strength round my neck was so great that I thought "I'm going to pass out!". He's got so much energy and so much strength and he's thrown himself into the part so much, and he's got so much to do that I thought "I'm going! I'm going". Anyway I was Ok, but I thought I'm going to have to mention this to him, and I was very nervous and very worried about saying it to someone I didn't really know - I admired, but didn't really know to that degree, but I must because I knew he was going for a second take, and I thought it's going to happen again. Anyway I did pluck up enough courage and mentioned this to him, and he was so nice, and he said "I'm sorry about that. It's very unprofessional of me to do that. I should pull back on stunts like that. We shall go for the second take right now. And don't worry I'm sorry." And we went for the second take and it was fine. Perfect. So I've never forgotten how marvellous and professional he was."

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