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Tuesday 13 November 2012

Lotus Elan

  You might be surprised to learn this, but I should have been the Prisoner's car, not that jumped up Lotus Seven. When McGoohan came to Lotus cars he rejected me. It was said that I was more of a girlie car than the Seven. Not a rebellious car, not individualistic enough! Well in the end I suppose I enjoyed my role nore in 'The Avengers,' having Diana Rigg sat inside me behind the wheel than I would Patrick McGoohan!
    Yet as it happens my time in 'the Prisoner' did come along, in the episode 'The Girl Who Was Death.' Why that trumped up Lotus Seven was not used I don't know. Perhaps the idea was not to let on that Mister X is the Prisoner-No.6. But anyone can see for themselves that the Prisoner-No.6 is Mister X.
   However I must not look down my bonnet too much. After all I did enjoy my role in 'The Girl Who Was death,' speeding along the country lanes not too far from Borehamwood. I looked at my best in that scene, and I have to say having Patrick McGoohan behind the wheel wasn't that bad.

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