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Tuesday 20 November 2012

Caught On Camera

   So, just what is the Village Guardian's role in THEPRIS6NER? In the original series the Guardian is peacekeeper, patrolling the Village, and activated to pursue anyone who attempted to escape. But here, Rover, seems to be confined to the desert and the mountains, along with the Therapy Zone. Certainly 'Rover' is never seen in the Village of the 2009 series. Mind you, the Village Guardian seems now to be able to reach gigantic proportions, being far removed from it's original 6 feet circumference.
   In THEPRIS6NER we discover the origin of the Village Guardian, something we never knew in the original series, that "it" is conjured up by Six's own fear. So it will be interesting to learn scriptwriter Bill Gallagher's take on the origins of Rover!

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