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Monday 19 November 2012

Caught On Camera

    In the final epsidoe of THEPRIS6NER we see Six, having opened a grave, open a coffin which contains nothing but oranges! A surreal moment? It's certainly almost subliminal, as when I went through the episode on DVD frame by frame, I couldn't find this frame of film!!! I had to let the film run, and stop it when I saw this frame of film. The coffin filled with oranges is certainly a symbolic one, this is 4-15's grave, the young woman Six was going to marry in 'Darling.'
   So why oranges? Well back in New York Michael is with Lucy, who has been brought to the Village to fall in love with Six. Yet while they are together in New York Lucy has the desire for oranges for breakfast, so Six goes out to buy oranges. Back in the Village, Michael has lost 4-15. They did not marry because 4-15 saw Six kissing 313, when it was the other way round. In her distress 4-15 throws herself into one of the holes which are opening up in the Village, into oblivion in fact, and is beyond hope. While at that very same moment in New York there is a gas leak, and an explosion in Six's flat, blowning to smitherines with Lucy in it!
    So as it is with Cobb's funeral in 'Arrival' of the original series, the coffin at the funeral being empty, so it is with 4-15's coffin. Well devoid of any body!

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