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Tuesday 13 November 2012

Taxi Anyone?

    Here are two photographs taken during routine surveillance. It is of the Prisoner on the morning of his arrival in the village, taking a taxi ride.
    Well there's nothing wrong in this, or is there?
    Well there isn't until you realise that two images which are actually taken from the episode of 'Checkmate,' and are supposed to be No.8-the white Queen and the Prisoner-No.6. But in fact the taxi driver is the oriental girl No.18, and the Prisoner on his taxi ride round the Village, although I'm not altogether sure it's Patrick McGoohan riding in it either
   So these pictures are taken from unused film footage meant for 'Arrival,' but have been edited into the scene where No.8-the white Queen drives No.6 round the Village in 'Checkmate.'

Be seeing you, somewhere around and about in the Village.

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