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Wednesday 28 November 2012

60 Second Interview With A Pair Of Lab Technicians

No.113” So what brought you both to the Village?”
No.242 “Well I can't say really.”
No.243 “It could have been the helicopter.....”
No.242 “Or boat perhaps”
No.243: “We were unconscious at the time you see.”
No.113 “Oh I see. Well why were you brought to the Village?”
No.243 “I invented an acid that will eat through anything!”
No.242 “Really, what do you keep it in?”
No.243 “That's just the trouble. I can't find anything keep it in!”
No.242 “Mmmmm, that is a problem isn't it?”
No.243 “Yes.”
No.113 “And you Number two-four-two, why were you brought here to the Village?
No.242 “I invented an alloy which is indestructible!”
No.243 “That's fascinating.”
No.242 “Do you really think so?”
NO.243: “Yes. You could make a container out of your indestructible alloy.”
No.242 “And you could put your acid in it.”
No.243 “Could I?”
No.242 “Be a pleasure.”
No.113 “It’s nice to see two such scientists working together in perfect harmony here in the Village. What are you both working on at present?”
No.243 “It's something for No.2. We're testing these blank sheets of paper.”
No.13 “Why?”
No.242 “For whatever's written on them.”
No.113 “Is there anything written on them?”
No.243 “No.”
No.113 “So the test is a success then.”
No.243 “How do you mean?”
No.113 “Well you've discovered that there's nothing written on those blank sheets of paper.”
No.242 “We don't think No.2 will see it quite like that.”
No.243 “Who's going to tell him?”
No.242 “You.”
No.243 “Why Me?”
No.242 “He listens to you.”
No.243 “He didn't that time when I tried to tell him…..........well you know what he’s like.”
No.242 “Yes, that’s why it has to be you to tell him.”
No.243 “Thanks very much!”

Reporter No.113
Picture from the Department of Visual records

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