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Tuesday 27 November 2012

What's That No.6 Up To?

   I think No.6 made a mistake when he launched that body into the sea like that. No.6 as we know, makes the most of his opportunities. He saves the body, because even then he thinks the dead man might be of use to him. Later he attaches a lifebelt to the body. He has drawn a rough map of the Village and surrounding area. He writes a note......"To whoever may find this......" Changes the picture in the dead man's wallet with one of his own, put that, the note and map into the wallet and the wallet he wraps up in a polythene bag and puts that into the dead man's pocket. No.6 then drags the body out of the cave, across the beach and into the water, this in order to send a message to someone in the outside world. And in launching the body into the sea is where he made his mistake, if you actually look at the film footage of this scene in 'Dance of the Dead,' you will observe that the tide in coming in, not going out!

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