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Monday 19 November 2012

6 Schizoid Men!

No.6 "It's going to be damned difficult to tell the two of us apart."
No.6 "How do you mean?"
"Well look at us. We look identical, and we're wearing the same blazer."
"I'm not wearing the same blazer as you. I'm wearing the same looking blazer."
"Same thing."
"As is the result."
"Well quite."
"I've got a mole on my left wrist, have you?"
"Problem solved then."
"Yes, but the viewers won't be able to see it."
"Ah, good point."
"Look, how's your fencing?"
"You should know. You've read my file."
"No you don't get it. One of us could be given a duelling scar on the cheek."
"Well it's not going to be me!"
"Why not?"
"Because the ladies find me dashed attractive."
"Well they'll find you even more attractive with a duelling scar. Shall we away to the gymnasium?"
"Look if anyone's getting his face cut up, it's going to be you."
{The door of the cottage opened bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and the two Six's walk out into the Village together}
"We'll see. If I manage to catch you on the bottom....."
"The scars no good there, the viewers won't be able to see that!"
"Oh, oh! Well then it has to be you."
"Why does it have to be me all the time?"
"Why do you have to argue all the time..........."
"Look if we joined forces against Two, we could beat him easily, and escape this place....."
"It's a good plan........... this is what I propose."
"Why should you propose what to do, it was my idea."
"Well alright then, but it had better be a good plan, otherwise I won't help you with it."
"The plan's so cunning you could stick a tail on it.................."
"And call it a Fox?"


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