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Sunday 25 November 2012

What About The Electorate then? by our own reporter

      Election time here in the Village. No.2 standing for the "old regime" and No.6 who being a fresh face and with an enthusiasm that cannot be denied. But what about the electorate?
   They seem pretty enthusiastic for this new candidate who stands on the principle of "The old regime forever, and the old No.2 forever. Confession by coercion, if that's what they want, a vote for No.2 and they have it! Or they can stand firmly upon this electoral platform and speak a word without fear, that word is "Freedom." And that is what No.6 stands for, free, for all, for free for all, vote for "Free For All." But does the electorate trust this "fresh face" who has no experience whatsoever in the manipulation of such a community as The Village.
   The electorate may very well be listening to what both candidates have to say, but judging by the close-up expression on two particular citizens, they don't trust No.6 at all!
   So I wonder what will happen when No.6 is brought before the electorate should he actually win this election? Whoever is the successful candidate, will the electorate feel any effect from change within The Village? What will it mean for them?
    I canvassed this young woman, who said that she is going to vote for Six, and only Six, but couldn't tell me why! Perhaps everyone does vote for a dictator, as there is one man seen pushing the penny farthing bicycle, was observed giving a Nazi salute during an election parade!
  Later No.6 made his first electoral television broadcast.

"The Citizens can rest assured that their interests are very much my own, and that the security of the citizens will be my primary objective, be seeing you."
   As polling day approaches the citizens will have to make up their minds a vote for the candidate they have more trust in. A candidate who can see through his policies, and continue to manipulate this community in the way it has become accustomed.

Our own reporter
Photographer No.113b

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