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Saturday 17 November 2012

Village Life

   So there were are, or at least that's where the Colonel's mind is, in the unfamiler body of No.6. What's more he's there for the duration, or at least until the Colonel's body brings No.6's mind back to the Village. But the question is, was No.6's body allowed to wander at large in the Village with Colonel's mind? It seems highly unlikely. At the very least the Village would be an alien environment for the Colonel's mind to take in. And would, when citizens saw No.6 and greet him, cause some confusion! More likely that No.6/the Colonel was kept heavily sedated in the Operating Theatre until the Colonel/No.6's return so that their minds can be properly re-housed. In that No.6/the Colonel, was kept heavily sedated throughout for whatever length of time. Perhaps more interesting is, how easily No.6 wakes from that sedation!

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